Re: more comments to JAX-RS

From: Marc Hadley <Marc.Hadley_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 12:52:21 -0400

> is it allowed that a sub resource locator will get the entity
> Object? I found nothing about it in the spec, where the sub resource
> locator is defined. Semanticly it is at least not useful. I think it
> should be forbidden. For some types, e.g. InputStream and Reader it
> will produce trouble.
At a minimum we should define that at most one method can get the
entity. I think the easiest way of enforcing that is to disallow
entities as sub-resource locator parameters.

> Until now it is not defined what should happen, if
> UriBuilder.extension(String) will get a null.
> What should UriInfo.getPathExtemsion() return, if no extension was
> available? null or ""? I prefere "". If we use null, we IMO must
> allow UriBuilder.extension(String) to get the null value as parameter.
Elsewhere we allow null and it can be used to unset the corresponding
component. Suggest we keep things consistent and allow null to mean
"no extension".

> In the section about Content Negotiation and Preconditions (5.1.3.)
> is a typing error:
> The method request.evaluate(...); was renamed to
> evaluatePRECONDITIONS(...);
> You could also remove the null; a method only for the EntityTag is
> also available.

> Marc, you renamed some method from ...Template... to ...Path... .
> There are a lot of points, where javadoc talk about template
> parameters (I found 44 by searching for "templ").nDo you want to
> change them also, or should it be as it is?
I'll take a look but I think most should be OK, the value of an @Path
annotation is a URI template so its OK to talk about URI template


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