Re: JSR311: form-urlencoded question

From: Marc Hadley <Marc.Hadley_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:18:34 -0400

>>> Me too. :) decoded keys always.
>> I assumed and implemented encoded keys and values for
>> UriInfo.get*Parameters(true) and UriInfo.getPathSegments(true).
>> Namely that you if ask for something in encoded form you get
>> everything in encoded form. This reduces possible sources of
>> confusion and bugs and the main idea of encoded form was so that a
>> more advanced developer could work consistently in encoded form for
>> all such information extracted from the URI.
>> UriBuilder.queryParam encodes the value and name if the encode
>> property is set to true, otherwise validates the value and name if
>> set to false. If query keys are decoded but query values are not
>> then it is hard to use UriBuilder.queryParam consistently with
>> UriInfo.getQueryParameters(false).
> Yeah, I guess you're right. My thought was, why would anybody ever
> encode a key to access a specific value in the map? In general, I
> don't see how these encoded maps would be very useful. Can you
> provide a use case?
Having thought about this some more I agree with Paul, if a developer
is working in encoded space its more natural to encode both keys and
values. I'll update the javadoc to make this explicit.

>> Looking more closely i found some issues because the *Param names
>> are not specified to be in encoded or decoded form, and i did not
>> assume either way when implementing.
>> The JavaDoc does not define if @*Param names should be in encoded
>> or decoded form. Same goes for @DefaultValue. Note that @Encoded
>> does not apply to values of @Path, for example:
>> @Path(value="x%20y", encode=false)
For consistency with @Path we need to add a:

boolean encode() default true;

property to each of @PathParam, @QueryParam, @MatrixParam and

>> We also need to specify the encoded/decoded form for:
>> UriInfo.getAncestorResourceURIs
>> and perhaps be consistent with other methods with a boolean
>> parameter.
Agreed, I'll add that.

> Except for URIBuilder, why even have the option to have things
> encoded? I don't see developers wanting to use it very much, if at
> all. If they want things encoded, its just as easy to call
> URLEncoder.encode(). Which would be a rarity in the first place.
> So, my vote is to remove @Encoded and all encoding methods except
> for URIBuilder.
The current APIs came about as a solution to issue 3, see the
discussion thread starting at:

for a variety of use cases and opinions. I can understand the
temptation to do everything in decoded space but there were good uses
on both sides of the argument which is why we ended up where we are.


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