Re: JSR311: URI-based conneg

From: Bill Burke <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 11:07:51 -0500

Marc Hadley wrote:
> You can still look at the code to figure out how to invoke the service,
> the existing @Path and @ProduceMime semantics are preserved by this
> proposal, i.e. you can still use the "platonic" URI with an Accept
> header to select the representation.

How? Is the extension string somehow extracted from the @ProduceMime
metadata or from some other annotation?

>> I think supporting the URI template standard Paul linked in a previous
>> alternate thread gives us much more power than what you're suggesting
>> and is a cleaner approach to implement this idea.
>> @Path("/{resource}.xml")
>> @GET
>> public String getXML(@PathParam("resource") String id) {}
>> @Path("/{resource}.html")
>> @GET
>> public String getHTML(@PathParam("resource") String id) {}
> The problem with that is that you have to have separate methods or
> classes for each media type/extension you want to support and
> potentially separate ones for platonic uris with Accept.

Not if you have rich expressions:

@ProduceMime("text/html", "application/xml")
public String getHTML() {}

FYI: I couldn't figure out how to do this with:

So I mixed in a regular expression.

> Essentially you
> are putting media type information into two places (@Path and
> @ProduceMime).

How is there only one place with your proposal? With yours, instead of
@Path and @ProduceMime, its [some proprietary configuration] and

Bill Burke
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