Publish jsr311-api.jar into a public maven repository?

From: Liu, Jervis <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 22:45:22 -0400


We are interested in implementing JSR-311 in Apache CXF. I've been playing with some prototype implementation codes for a few days on my own svn branch, so far so good. However the biggest problem that preventing me and other CXF developers from working on CXF JSR-311 implementation is the jsr311-api.jar. No work related to JSR-311 implementation can be checked in into CXF's main trunk until jsr311-api.jar is available somewhere in a public maven repository. I wonder would it be possible to start publishing jsr311-api.jar into a public maven repository now so that everyone else who is also interested in implementing JSR-311 can move forward? Thanks.


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