dynamic deployment/class reloading

From: Dhanji R. Prasanna <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 09:30:56 +1000


This may be a bit premature to discuss, but I was just looking at the
JSF2.0proposal the other day and they have listed dynamic
class-reloading as one
of their big features. There is also a strong nod toward us, saying that JSF
will now integrate with jsr311 and be more "restful."

Tapestry 5.0 alpha releases also sport this feature (which I think is kinda
neat and very relevant in a Model 2 world, just as JSP reloading is/was in
Model 1 days). I think this could be useful for jsr311. Thoughts?

Changes to individual resource classes could be picked up by the runtime and
redeployed without restarting it. Im not sure of the logistics (haven't
thought through an appropriate classloading model--and don't like
Tapestry's) but this could be very useful. And obviate some of those painful
out of PermGen memory errors that some appservers give us *looks in Larry
Cable's direction and ducks* =)

Of course, Im making a lot of assumptions about the deployment environment
too, dont know how this would fit in with Restlet for instance. Anyway, just
a thought. Also am curious as to how/what the integration with JSF will be
like and if there has been any discussion around it with the spec leads? It
seems they too have an aggressive release schedule.