[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] Re: Proposal for EntityGraphs, fetch plans, etc...

From: Rainer Kwesi Schweigkoffer <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 14:25:01 +0100

Hi Gordon, all,

thanks for your quick response. Please find my comments inline.

Gordon Yorke, am 3 Dec 2012 hast Du um 21:39 zum Thema "[jsr338-
experts] Re: Proposal for EntityGraphs, f" geschrieben :

> >> My concern with this pattern is readability. Users must scan through
> >> the entire object model to determine what is in an entity graph and what
> >> will be loaded or what is missing for their case. This pattern also can
> >> get quite complicated quickly when there are multiple "contracts" in
> >> place for a particular entity.

> > Actually, this concern works both ways: With the given proposal, if a
> > user wants to understand what views are available of a particular
> > entity, all entity graphs throughout both the entire object model and
> > the coding must be scanned for.

> No because the entity graph is defined at the entity level and the
> entity graph only applies to the entity where it is defined. So to view
> how queries for Address will load Address and related entities one only
> has to look at the Address entity. There would be no need to search the
> related entities to see how the Address query will access that data.

If it is Address you mention, one could imagine that Address might be
related to different entities such as e.g. Employee (home and work
address), Customer (billing and shipping address), Company and many
more. For each of them there might exist a named graph with the
respective entity as root, that may affect loading of Address instances
via one of its subgraphs. Even different occurrences of Address within
the same entity graph (e.g. home address and work address) might yield
different load strategies. Plus, there might be dynamically created
entity graphs affecting Address. That's what I meant.

> >>> Concerning the copy operation, I think, I have not fully understood the
> >>> copied entity's state and identity.
> >> What parts are unclear?
> > When e.g. an employee, as per the example in the proposal, gets copied,
> > what is identity and state of the resulting copy?
> The copy has the persistence identity of the copied entity and it's
> version but only has the state that the entity graph template designated
> should be copied.

Actually, with state I was referring to detached vs. managed vs. new.

Kind regards

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