[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] Re: support for multitenancy

From: Steve Ebersole <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 08:16:36 -0500

>> 2) Segmenting shared cache. Caching of data in the process-scoped,
>> shared cache needs to be segmented by each tenant since we are
>> talking about the same process. Actually this is a concern anyway in
>> implementing PaaS style multi-tenancy depending on how the cache
>> provider is deployed, so not sure this is that big of a deal.
>> Of course, as pointed out before, even if this is deemed outside the
>> scope of JPA 2.1, nothing stops the individual providers from
>> implementing this support.
> Completely agree. Web scale applications are architected to use
> systems like Memcached to keep the cached data partitioned/segmented.
> In this context, JPA vendors could think of integrating their shared
> caches with systems like Memcached or JCache based implementations
> with a few partitioning strategies.

I would think most providers already have the capability to integrate
with third-party cache/clustering providers for shared cache.
Personally I don't think there is anything in such integrations that
needs to be defined as part of the JPA spec. Really I was just trying
to point out the real, concrete things I needed to solve to support
this SaaS approach.