[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] BNF question: how to parse the example containing KEY, VALUE (and LIKE)

From: Christian Romberg <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 14:54:51 +0100

Dear group,

While investigating how to parse queries like this (all page/chapter
references refer to EDR 2.1, Dec 19th, 2011):

FROM Person p, in(pc.firstnames) n
WHERE n = 'Joe'

(firstnames is a List<String>)

I came across the following example provided in the spec, which is related
in structure:

section 4.4.4, p. 153:

FROM Item i JOIN p
WHERE KEY(p) LIKE ‘%egret’

I looked at the BNF how this is parsed, and did not find any derivation for
the FROM clause:

where_clause ::= WHERE conditional_expression
conditional_expression ::= conditional_term
conditional_term ::= conditional_factor
conditional_factor ::= conditional_primary
conditional_primary ::= simple_cond_expression
simple_cond_expression ::= like_expression
like_expression ::= string_expression LIKE pattern_value

So eventually I end up with 'string_expression', from which I can not
derive a 'qualified_identification_variable'

string_expression ::=
state_field_path_expression |
string_literal |
input_parameter |
functions_returning_strings |
aggregate_expression |
case_expression |
function_invocation |

Did I miss something, or is there actually a rule missing in the grammar
for this?

Thank you!


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