[Jersey] Re: Jersey is very much alive!

From: cowwoc <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 10:59:05 -0500


Speaking for myself, I am more interested in a roadmap for fixing the
bugs we've been reporting. The feature roadmap you pointed to is
interesting, but it is at least a year away from shipping. I am not
trying to belittle the latter (it is important, thank you) but I'm
looking for 75% bugfixes, 25% new features. In other words, I'm in favor
of shifting resources from new features to fixing community-reported bugs.

Do as you will, but this is just my 2 cents.

And out of curiosity, is there a publicly available source-code
repository for JSR-370? I couldn't find a link.


On 09/12/2014 7:44 AM, Marek Potociar wrote:
> I said I will not reply to this nonsense anymore, but there is one
> more topic I’d like to clarify:
> 1. Jersey is JAX-RS RI. It will be JAX-RS RI for the foreseeable
> future. While Java EE is alive (and Java EE 8 plans have been recently
> introduced), Jersey will be alive too.
> 2. Jersey is shipped as one of the core components of WebLogic Server.
> IOW, Jersey is responsible for JAX-RS support in WebLogic Server.
> Oracle has over a hundred thousand of WebLogic customers and we will
> continue to support these customers in the foreseeable future. While
> WebLogic is alive, Jersey will be alive.
> 3. Jersey is part of Oracle Public Cloud
> <> offering. This is a rapidly growing
> business for Oracle. While OPC is alive, Jersey will be alive.
> I do acknowledge we need to improve our roadmap communication. We will
> work on that. For now, go an look at the JSR-370
> <> ( The Section 2
> will give you answers for the general roadmap in the Java EE 8 timeframe.
> And now I’m really out of this conversation.
> Marek
>> On 08 Dec 2014, at 08:26, Markus Karg <
>> <>> wrote:
>> Gili,
>> I share your concerns and actually I know that at least for some
>> projects it really is true. But as our intention is to keep projects
>> alive, we should concentrate on discussions that lead to some value.
>> Oracle bashing is certainly fun but does not provide something useful
>> to anybody. So the question is: Now that we know that Oracle
>> abandoned some projects and now that we know that Jersey team works
>> only part time on Jersey, what consequences does that actually imply?
>> For me: None. I stay with Jersey as it is a good product and is still
>> actively maintained and developed further, even with possibly slower
>> pace than in Paul+Marc times.
>> Regards
>> Markus
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>> *Betreff:*[Jersey] Re: Is this project dead?
>> I don't know about recent events, but shortly after Oracle took over
>> Sun they killed most most of their open-source projects. And then
>> there was the Hudson kerfuffle. All in all, this sent out a very
>> negative message to the open-source community. Maybe this is what Joe
>> is referring to.
>> Gili
>> On 06/12/2014 4:31 AM, Markus Karg wrote:
>> Can you please disclose where it was said that "Oracle may be
>> dialling back their support for open source like Jersey"?
>> *From:*Jack Lista []
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>> *Subject:*[Jersey] Re: Is this project dead?
>> Agreed, Joe, and the progress on bug fixes and feature support is
>> also causing concern, both here and elsewhere. It's very likely
>> we will abandon Jersey for Spring because of exactly this
>> apparent lack of commitment and clarify. A framework like this
>> is too strategic to take a lot of risks with it, and comments
>> elsewhere have indicated that oracle may be dialling back their
>> support for open source like Jersey. We simply can't risk that
>> something so fundamental to our success may be poorly supported.
>> Honestly, it looks like it's already being poorly supported,
>> which is kind of sad, but I tend to agree with cowwoc, the number
>> of resolved defects and related stats are not encouraging.
>> -=j=-
>> On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 8:24 AM, Joe Mocker
>> < <>> wrote:
>> +1
>> We do not necessarily need to know the specific engineers
>> allocated to the project, but it seems a natural thing for any
>> open source project to publish and maintain a roadmap of current
>> and future work. Clearly the lack of that is making people feel
>> like the project has been abandoned.
>> --joe
>> *From:*Markus Karg < <>>
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>> *Date:*Monday, December 1, 2014 at 11:24 PM
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>> *Subject:*[Jersey] Re: Is this project dead?
>> Jack,
>> while I share your concerns you should keep in mind that this is
>> an open source project completely sponsored by _/Oracle/_ not by
>> _/Sun/_ anymore so management style has changed a lot with many
>> projects. Hence, there is nothing Marek in particular can do to
>> change the situation as he is bound to his supervisor’s plans, of
>> whom the public knows nothing neither name nor position nor
>> address. Do not expect any publicly “visible” Oracle project lead
>> to be actually in charge of “his” own project, the least of them
>> (possibly none at all) actually are free in their decisions in a
>> way you demand it, hence, could act like you want it.
>> Unfortunately Oracle is not so fair to let us know the people
>> behind these decisions so we cannot discuss with _/them/_. So a
>> discussion like this one is fruitless, as I suspect those
>> managers not even to read the forum postings here.
>> Having said that I’d like to ask Marek if Oracle is willing to
>> update target dates for inclusion of fixes, or publish updated
>> road maps on future releases, on the web site / JIRA at least
>> once a month. That should not take one person more than one day a
>> month, should be natural management routine of any open source
>> project, and I think everybody would be happy about this frequent
>> sign of live, so nobody would think about abandoning the product.
>> Regards
>> -Markus
>> *Von:*Jack Lista []
>> *Gesendet:*Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014 00:07
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>> *Betreff:*[Jersey] Re: Is this project dead?
>> I'm a little concerned with the project's apparent lack of
>> progress, for one, and also for the apparent lack of interest
>> from Oracle. Marek, you needn't feel defensive on Oracle's
>> behalf but out here in the real world, people are making other
>> plans, based on what's going on with the Jersey 2.X project, I
>> would urge you to both communicate more and more clearly and also
>> fix problems more proactively and in greater volume (I've seen
>> quite a few myself) as the reputation of the project is
>> suffering. I've been a fan of Jersey for a while, but this is on
>> the verge of abandonment IMO, we have work to do and can't wait
>> around like this
>> On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Vetle Leinonen-Roeim
>> < <>> wrote:
>> More updates on what's going on behind the scenes would be
>> appreciated. Other than that, I suspect there's a silent majority
>> who is happily using Jersey for lots of useful things.
>> Personally I've had a great experience using it, apart from some
>> Spring issues that I've contributed to, and I think it absolutely
>> doesn't seem like this project is dead.
>> Regards,
>> Vetle