simplest unit test bootstrapping

From: Florian Hehlen <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 17:11:21 +0100

NOTE: sorry if some of you have received this twice. I have sent it once earlier today but did not see it appear on the mailing list.


I am building an app that combines Spring and JAX-RS. I am looking for the simplest way to test my resources(including the path bindings). What I would ideally like to do is to not use spring in my unit tests but just boot-strap an individual resource into the simplest HTTPContainerFactory and test it. The problem is that I can get the resource loaded but since some of the attributes of the resource are loaded by Spring I then get NullPointerExceptions when I try to test it.

Ideally I would like to create an instance of a resource, initialize it with all of its required members(which is usually done by Spring), and then hand it over to a some jersey context so that I can make resource calls on it. One thing that seems crucial for me to test with a restful app is that the resource calls actually land in the expected method calls. I use a fair bit of regular expressions and therefore would like to do the following type of test:

public void testGetDate() {

       assertEquals( myResource.getDate(1), resource().path("/event/1/date").get(Date.class) );

Is there any way to do this? I have been able to get tests boot-strapped as shown in the sample code but these assume you want to initialize a whole spring application. This in turn doing more than just a unit test and maintaining a lot of per-test spring configuration.


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