RE: [Jersey] Re: Hypermedia clarification

From: Markus Karg <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:33:20 +0100

> >> Would it be RESTful to GET a flickr photo (or any 3rd party
> resource)
> >> for one of your domain's pages? How would you find it?
> >
> > Sorry, actually I do not understand the question. Can you elaborate
> on the
> > use case you are targeting, and in what relation to my above problem
> of
> > generic clients?
> It is just, how would the browser know what to GET without knowing the
> URL to the specific resource. How would you even know to use flickr
> without knowing where flickr is?
> I am confused by all this, but it seems if I hard code a link to an
> image from flickr, it is not RESTful??

I do not understand why you think that it would be not RESTful if you just
put a hard link to Flicker? What made you think so? To get a photo from
flicker or elsewhere, obviously the most RESTful way to do it *is* to have a
simple link URI found either in the entity itself (in the "Link" header as I
agreed meanwhile). Why do you suspect that you do not have a URI provided?
Maybe you misunderstood one of my posting and now think that there must not
be URI *anywhere*? I just said that URIs must be exactly in the entity (or
in the "Link" header), but not anywhere *else*.