Re: [Jersey] How to Get Remote IP address in JAX/RS with Grizzly

From: Paul Sandoz <Paul.Sandoz_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 17:11:17 +0100

On Feb 17, 2010, at 11:00 AM, Oleksiy Stashok wrote:

> Hi,
>>> I would like to get the remote IP address of the JAX-RS client for
>>> logging purposes. I understand that I can inject an
>>> HttpServletRequest
>>> if I am running in a servlet container, but I am using the Grizzly
>>> server embedded in my application container.
>>> I looked through the Grizzly documentation and can't quite determine
>>> what class I need to implement (ProtocolHandler, perhaps?) and how
>>> to
>>> attach it to the Grizzly pipeline created for me by the Jersey
>>> integration with Grizzly.
>>> I would prefer a lower-level technique so I can integrate it in my
>>> application framework instead of injecting into each resource.
>> Hmm... cross posting to the Grizzly users list.
>> If there is a way to get the client IP address from the low-level
>> Grizzly request i can add a method to HttpRequestContext so that it
>> is supported in a platform independent way.
> Yes, low-level Grizzly request has:
> request.remoteAddr().toString();
> request.getRemotePort();

As hinted by JFA, the Jersey stuff will be using the GrizzlyAdapter so
it is better to use: