RE: [Jersey] Hypermedia Support is useless

From: Markus Karg <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 21:34:43 +0100

So be impressed. ;-) Yes, I grasped REST "that deeply" without any
discussion with others but just by reading solely what Fielding wrote and
said. My typical way of learning is reading solely specifications and asking
the spec authors. So I did with REST (and I would be happy if more people
would do since it prevents lots of silly ideas ;-) ).

About your foot note: Still you didn't get the point. It is not my
understanding, it is what Fielding says. Got it now?

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> On Feb 15, 2010, at 7:30 PM, Markus Karg wrote:
> > What the heck is rest-discuss?
> *The* home of the RESTafarians and the archives are a gold mine.
> If you have actually managed to grasp REST that deeply[1] without going
> through that list I am pretty impressed. That shows attention to detail
> in Roy's dis.
> Jan