tomcat, classloaders and _at_Providers problem

From: Robert Koberg <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 06:08:08 -0800


java 1.6.0_17
tomcat 6.0.24

* placed my jersey jars in $tomcat/lib.
* created custom and resource classes in my web app ($app/WEB-INF/lib).
* using '' and give it the packages of Jackson's jaxrs (that live in $tomcat/lib) and my provider and resources (that live in $app/WEB-INF/lib).

Jersey does its scan at server start and finds my resource classes and the Jackson providers, but not my web app's provider. If I place my provider in the $tomcat/lib it is found by the scan.

Is this a fact of life or a bug? Does this happen on other servlet containers? I was going to move the provider to the server lib dir anyway, so it is not really a problem for me, but it is unexpected.