From: Carl Mosca <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 10:28:03 -0400

I am trying to use this with beans binding. Based on my current
understanding of beans binding (JSR-295), the VetoableChangeListener will
not work because the listener is notified before the change is actually
made. Because the value is unchanged at time of notification, it is

I was not able to make the PropertyChangeListener work at all (I could not
figure out how to put the listener customization in my XML which is a
jaxws-build.xml file in a NetBeans project). Based on my review of the
code, if I could make it work, it would still notify listeners before
changing the value (in the setter method).

Under the assumption that these two assertions are correct, I have modified
property-listener-injector and it works OK with JSR-295 from a NetBeans
project which contains a JAX-WS client. Unfortunately my modifications do
not include support for VetoableChangeListener because as I said above, I
could not get the listener customization to work.

Can I get an example of the customization XML?

Are the changes I have made worth submitting or is my use-case outside of
what property-listener-injector is supposed to do?


Carl J. Mosca