[jax-rs-spec users] Re: Server Sent Events feedback + EDR

From: Sergey Beryozkin <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 11:04:56 +0000

Hi Pavel,

On 16/02/17 08:57, Pavel Bucek wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> Flow.Subscription is going away. That part of the API is a sample of
> how things will look like when 2.1 is released - we will remove as
> much as possible from Flow.*. If there is something which cannot be
> removed (like Subscription), we'll consider the usecase (SSE in this
> case) and copy it into JAX-RS somehow (SseSubscription).
Sorry, so Flow.Subcription can not be removed ? Or if it is going away
and SseSubscription has been introduced, why did you decide to keep it
in m04 ?
When we discussed it with Andriy I thought the idea behind a new
SseSubscription was to encapsulate the JAX-RS specific 'Flow' references
from the rest of the API by inheriting from Flow.Subscription so that
when Java9 is there and JAX-RS Flow eventually goes then the SSE API is
not really affected. But I'm not sure I follow now what is the idea
behind keeping both Flow.Subcription & SseSubscription in m04

> I know that it feels odd (and it is) to have this done on part of the
> API and not on another part, but it was part of the internal review
> process and my arguments were ignored..
I've no problems with the internal reviewers having their input but I'd
have problems with them, possibly not being JAX-RS 2.1 experts affecting
how the final 2.1 API will look like. I'm not keen to make a big deal
out of it, the proposed API in general is of high quality, but well, I
guess the final details should be finalized
in this group :-)
> Is this clearer now?
Getting there :-)

Thanks, Sergey

> Thanks and regards,
> Pavel
> On 15/02/2017 22:17, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>> Hi Pavel
>> The question from my colleague Andriy (more to come)
>> Can you clarify why both Flow.Subscription and SseSubscription are
>> both used interchangeably ?
>> Thanks, Sergey
>> On 15/02/17 15:47, Pavel Bucek wrote:
>>> Dear experts,
>>> if you have any feedback for SSE, please provide it by the end of
>>> this week, sooner the better.
>>> (it doesn't mean that feedback received afterwards won't be
>>> evaluated; it's mainly about keeping the ball rolling).
>>> Also, I'd like to announce that Early Draft Review will be started
>>> shortly afterwards. I believe we reached the point when we can say
>>> that we have done some progress and we could use feedback from wider
>>> group. EDR will hopefully help with that.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Pavel