[jax-rs-spec users] Early draft 2.1 API for Central

From: Sergey Beryozkin <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2016 15:33:26 +0300

Hi Marek, Santiago

Hope you are doing well.

We'd like in CXF to start merging our JAX-RS 2.1 branch to the main CXF

My colleague had implemented SSE (server only so far) but it is a start
and interesting, today, we've had a user
asking for this SSE code.

For us to merge the branch code to the CXF master an early draft
non-SNAPSHOT 2.1 API would need to be available
in Central. This is so that we can release CXF 3.2.0 eventually, knowing
that we do not have SNAPSHOT deps.
It will also help us to go ahead and implement the NIO experiment and
CompletableFuture client code directly on the master.

Marek, can you please support it and do the very first API release ?
(add some qualifier like early_draft, etc, to make it obvious that
it is far from being complete) ?

a demand for JAX-RS is still very strong. If CXF manages to ship an
early draft implementation, alongside with RI, it would be easier for
the community at large to continue working toward 2.1 being eventually
completed. Depending on how things go I might consider submitting
a talk to JaveOne to raise the awareness of JAX-RS being implemented in ASF.

Many thanks, Sergey