[jax-rs-spec users] Some outstanding JIRA issues

From: Sergey Beryozkin <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 10:58:18 +0000

Hi All,
hope you are doing well,

I've been inspired by Marek accepting one of Markus's proposals recently
:-), so I thought I'd review the list of the JIRA issues
I've created over the last couple of years or so which is what I did, I
marked quite a few of them as won't fix and came up with the list at [1].

I'm honestly not expecting all of them (or even some of them) be
necessarily addressed for 2.1 bubt I think fixing some of them can
improve the spec/API in some minor ways. Here are the JIRAs I think can
be of interest to resolve for 2.1.

The bugs (docs or spec):

ResponseBuilder StatusType is lost


Auto-closing InputStream issue - we actually had our tooling team
pushing back after I implemented the auto-closing due to
the tooling code reading lazily loaded DOM documents. It is probably
more of the docs issues as opposed to the spec issue

The docs issue which confused some of our users. Santiago commented he
was seeing the point made.


Minor MediaType.isCompatible issue

Some improvements:

'Direction' of bean validation exceptions - i.e did it happen on the
input or output


Get the properties visible to service classes and to MBR/MBW, something
Markus was also asking about recently

(with a link to a JIRA also created by the other user)
@Produces for ExceptionMappers


Mapping matrix parameters without values to Boolean when possible, it
will align if with the related WADL text well


The list of binding annotations improvement

Optional 'doc' property to all of JAX-RS annotations

The 'scene' of documenting JAX-RS services is in a bit of disorder right
now. Some people use JavaDocs, some custom annotations such as Swagger, etc
Simple fix - lots of consolidation at the tooling/code generation level
may be possible due to it.


StreamingOutput MBR


I honestly hope some discussion will follow - hate to see the list being
not alive...