[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: HEADS-UP: Please provide your feedback!

From: Sergey Beryozkin <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 16:48:00 +0000

On 24/02/12 18:54, Marek Potociar wrote:
> Experts,
> Please have a look at the following Jira issue, review the comments and provide your feedback ASAP:
I don't understand why you closed

as the duplicate of

JAX_RS_SPEC-168 is a higher level issue, JAX_RS_SPEC-155 is about having
a shared HttpHeaders interface, the idea I really do not like anyway.

While I can accept JAX_RS_SPEC-155 is a possibly approach toward
addressing JAX_RS_SPEC-168, IMHO the two other proposals (in
JAX_RS_SPEC-186) should be given the attention as well.

In the response to my email which lead to the creation of
JAX_RS_SPEC-168 you've said you are open the reviewing those options -
please do so.
At the very least explain why HttpHeaders can not be made deprecated.
The other thing: what is your plan re extending RequestHeaders in the
future - do you expect RequestHeaders 'fixed' in 2.0 ?

Thanks, Sergey

> Many thanks,
> Marek

Sergey Beryozkin
Talend Community Coders