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From: Sastry Malladi <>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 14:01:05 -0800 (PST)

Created issue , as suggested.

BTW, for other providers it is not an issue because the people who are writing the providers  (these are not typically application developers, but platform/system developers who are providing the container) can instrument the providers to measure the metrics and also the newly introduced interceptors/Handlers will help with that as well, specifically for EntityProviders. That's how this discussion started, to see if the spec can provide this interceptor mechanism not just to the entity providers, but for resource methods as well.


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On Dec 20, 2011, at 10:22 PM, Sastry Malladi wrote:

>>> Yes, it would require adding annotations. Without any use of an API, I'm not sure this case belongs to the spec. I think this should better be handled by implementations or other tools (like profilers).
>Well, I understand your position that this may not be addressed in the spec. But in reality, any organization that uses JAX-RS to deploy their services/resources, would want to monitor and measure these metrics automatically, especially in the internet world,   and would need a way to do that. For example, we are doing this
 currently by writing a jersey response filter and approximating by subtracting MBR and MBW times and so on.  I beg to differ that this is not a profiler/tooling issue
 I think it's a valid use case, there's no question about that. IMO the best way to address this is via a monitoring/listener API (which some implementations support). This API could work not just around resource method invocations but also all the providers --I don't see a good reason to only support resource methods. 

 However, such an API is currently not in scope for JAX-RS 2.0. If you haven't done so, file it as  an issue for tracking purposes.

-- Santiago