Re: Confused and need help....

From: Vivek Pandey <Vivek.Pandey_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 09:52:00 -0700

You mentioned wscompile, which was wsdl to java tool in JAX-RPC. If you
are using JAX-WS RI 2.1.1 and beyond, you should not see this problem,
provided your endpoint is either WSDL first, where wsimport will
generate @XmlSeeAlso[1] with all the base and sub classes allowing base
classes to be returned.

If it is Java first case, then you need to annotate your endpoint class
with @XmlSeeAlso, for example:

@XmlSeeAlso(PaymentInfo.class, CreditCardPaymentInfo.class)

Similarly you need to run wsimport on your client so that the stub is
generated with @XmlSeeAlso annotations with all the relevant classes.


BJ wrote:
> In my webservice, I have a method called getPaymentInfo() that returns a base
> class PaymentInfo; it can also return CreditCardPaymentInfo class because
> this class extends the PaymenInfo class.
> My question is when I call this method, it always return the PaymentInfo
> class and I know for sure it should return CreditCardPaymentInfo class.
> I am using wscompile to generate the client stub. Is there any switch in
> wscompile I need to turn on/off to be able to get the right class back.
> Thanks in advance.