Type substitution support in JSR 109 compliant web services

From: Rohra, Prakash N CTR DMDC <>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 18:49:33 -0000


We are trying to develop web services (using JWSDP 1.6) that are compliant
with the JSR 109 specification. The service endpoint interfaces in our
services contain a series of methods that accept abstract type parameters
and return abstract types. We did remove the notion of abstract classes in
the java code for these types.
The wscompile tool was run with the -define option to generate the wsdl and
the mapping file. The config.xml file that was passed to the wscompile tool
contained all the additional types that were needed (child class types of
the base classes used in interface methods). The generated wsdl did
properly represent all of the additional types.

The mapping file, the wsdl, a webservices.xml along with all the other
application classes were bundled into a war file and deployed to a Sun
8.1_02 EE server. I am expecting to see all of the
serializers/deserializers and other required classes to be properly
generated and appear in the generated directory of the server instance.
However, I am only seeing the types that are specified in the method
signature which are the base types.

Is type substitution supported when developing JSR109 compliant services?
If so, how do I instruct the sun app server at deployment time to generate
all the required classes?

These web services previously worked on App Server EE 7 using the JWSDP 1.3
jaxrpc libararies. We can revert back to this way of developing and
deploying our web services on the Sun Platform, but we have some future
requirements to run on different application servers which will require
porting the web services. Abiding the JSR 109 spec "should" help simplify
future deployment to alternate containers so making this work would be