GlassFish - Ask the Experts

From: Amy Roh <Amelia.Roh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:16:46 -0800


Sun is running an Ask the Experts session this week on GlassFish.
Please feel free to sign up and ask questions. Questions and answered
will be posted on the website.

Ask the Experts
Got a question about Project GlassFish, Sun's Open Source Application
Server and implementation of Java EE 5? Get answers from experts during
this session that begins on November 14.
November 14, 2005 - November 18, 2005

Topic: Project GlassFish, Sun's Open Source Java EE effort

Project GlassFish is Sun's Open Source Application Server, as well as
the implementation of Java EE 5. It's also part of a larger effort by
Sun to release major portions of Sun's code into Open Source for use by
the community. The code for Project GlassFish goes into building Sun's
Application Server PE 9, and the Reference Implementation of Java EE 5.
In this Ask the Experts session, you'll have the opportunity to ask
questions about Project GlassFish, and get answers from guests Jim
Driscoll, Carla Mott, and Amy Roh.

You'll be able to submit questions on this page about Project GlassFish
starting Monday, November 14.

Ask the Experts gives you the opportunity to ask questions about a Java
technology or Java tool from Sun, and get answers from experts on that
topic. Unlike SDN chat sessions, which require you to login to a chat
session and submit questions during the chat's scheduled time slot
(typically limited to an hour), the Ask the Experts program requires no
login, and allows you to submit questions at a time convenient to you.
Typically, a one week period is designated for questions on a specific
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to the experts. We'll then post a selected set of questions and answers.
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