String Arrays Inside of Java Bean & JSDP (JAX-RPC)

From: tony anecito <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:23:10 -0700 (PDT)

I was asked to leave my question here on this mailing list.

 The question is why does JWSDP ask for registration of array of
strings? I have read that this should not happen and I am using 1.6 with JDK
1.5 update 4 where I have an array of strings inside an java bean. I return the java bean from a web service method. After creating
the client (using jwsdp wscompile) app and using the static stub
approach when invoking the method at runtime I get the exception
arrayOf_xsd_string is not registered. I tried registering the array of strings on
the client side using the TypeMappingRegistry and I still get the error.
It seems as if perhaps JWSDP (JAX-RPC) does not read the registry on the client side.

 I have seen examples on the web that where array of strings works but
they are where an array of strings is returned but not from inside an
java bean. I have followed the java bean standards regarding
getter/setter and constructor when creating the bean class.

 Does anyone have a working example of an array inside a java bean
that works or does not require registration?
 I have also had the same issue with array of objects or a vector in
place of the array of strings.
I am sure it must be something I do not understand.
Any thoughts or simular experiences appreciated.


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