RE: Why multiple serializer for same data type that's shared across web services

From: Prashant Kadam <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 21:13:41 -0400

Doug thank you very much for the answer.
         I have a next part of question here..... So instead of relying on
the server to generate these Ties/Serializer I am generating them in my
build process with wscompile (both=true) and including them in my jar file
of the application and than deploying the app. But the server ignores these
files and still regenerates them again. Why is that so? How can I stop the
server from doing this? I have tried so many different things but it's
still the same thing ..Your help is really appreciated !

Prashant Kadam.

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web services

The reason for this is because JAX-RPC only process one endpoint at a
time and therefore does not have any knowledge of other endpoints
or the data types they are using. To avoid name conflicts each endpoint
is generated with a specific infix (e.g. _8_ or _9_) to avoid conflicts
with other endpoints. JAX-RPC 2.0 does not do this.

Prashant Kadam wrote:

> Hi,
> I am sharing a same data type between different web services and so
> the data type is defined in its own schema. This data type schema is
> imported in different web services using xsd:import. When wscompile is
> run it generates only one serializer for a shared data type for all the
> web services that refer the data type. Though for deployment I am
> relying on the server to generate serializer and so I am not including
> the generated ties/stubs/serializer. But after deploying to Sun
> Application Server 8.1 the server generates separate serializers for the
> shared data type for each web service that refers to the data type. If I
> have a shared data type named as "Person" than the generated serializer
> names are like,
> and so on. Any idea why it's doing so .
> Prashant.

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