Re: about JAXRPCServletDelegate and soap address location

From: Doug Kohlert <Doug.Kohlert_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 11:31:08 -0700

The reason the JAXRPCServlet replaces the address at runtime is to
simplify things for the developer. They don't have to worry what the
address it, just deploy it and the runtime will figure it out for
them. Granted, your use case maybe valid and yes that are a number of
ways to resolve the issue. We will take this under advisement when
working on JAXRPC 2.0. We will need to balance, simplicity for the
developer, maintenance issues and flexability.

Alessio Cervellin wrote:

>>This is an appropriate use case for using a web services management
>>(WSM) product to redirect requests. In this case you have one
>>that you give to clients, and the endpoint points to the WSM
>>proxy. At
>>runtime, the WSM proxy redirects the request to the appropriate
>>Alternatively, you can use a registry (UDDI) to obtain the service
>>endpoint at runtime.
>I agree there are tens of possible solutions, but as I told before mine was not a real need and I was just supposing some use cases.
>I was just wondering why JAXRPCServletDelegate replaces at runtine the content of the WSDL... It seems to me a quite arbitrary choice, or at least there should be a switch to pass to wsdeploy to let developers choose the behaviour of the wsdlPublisher class (e.g. to replace or not the content of the soap address location attribute).
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