Re: about JAXRPCServletDelegate and soap address location

From: Alessio Cervellin <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:05:10 +0200

Kevin Jones wrote:

> But in both these cases, by the time you get to do this it's too late, you
> already have existing clients that know and use the old address.

maybe they know only the address of the WSDL, not the address of the
service specified within it, and I couldn't know if they (the clients,
old or upcoming ones) have already generated static stubs or not from it.

> In these
> scenarios wouldn't you be better off simply writing a filter that
> redirected/forwarded to the appropriate URL?

Of course that's a solution (on many possible)... but I wouldn't assert
it's simplier & quicker than changing half line of text in a WSDL file,
isn't it?