feedback: Understanding your JAX-RPC SI Environment

From: Leo Berisa <>
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 19:01:08 -0500

Excellent, the best read so far on this topic. Definitely a Bookmark,
that needs to be publicised (at least first page hit when searching
JAX-RPC on Google).
I have one question that so far I couldn't find an explicit answer.
I have a standalone, multithreaded Java application that will become a
client to .NET Web Service
1. Does JAX-RPC implement Asynchronous RPC calls and if so how? Any
links on this topic?
This mutlithreaded client should not block on RPC call, but possibly use
a callback, or at least polling.
Is there a sample of code avilable that does that?
Thanks in advance, Leo

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