WsDeploy problem: multipart input message

From: <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 07:16:48 -0800

We have an operation for which the input message contains 2
As we need documentliteral, those parts are declared with
an 'element'-attribute.
When doing a wscompile (-features wsi,documentliteral) and
wsdeploy, this generates an error:
-> [wsdeploy] error: generator error: internal error
(should not happen): tie.generator.002
As a result, the generated web.xml is not correct and, as
such, when we deploy the war on an application server, the
service is not reachable...

I added an example wsdl in attach. Note: this is only an
example to show that the wsdeploy generates errors when we
have input messages with multiple parts.