WSDL & Attachment type

From: Harsh <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 23:01:47 -0800 (PST)


I using a white paper "Building Interoperable Web Services With Attachment
Support Using JAXRPC 1.1.2"
On the similar line I am trying to create the web service and I was hoping if
any one can comment on the error.

I am trying to experiment with wsdl file and attachments. I am using wscomplie
tool to generate the client stub.

My web service takes 2 attachments, one zip file and one xml file

Service method performs processing and in response back the zip file as an

Here is the error I get when I run following command:
C:\Sun\jwsdp-1.5\jaxrpc\samples\Test>wscompile -gen:client -d ./build/client
-keep -s ./client/src config.xml
error: modeler error: invalid entity name: "hexBinary" (in namespace:

<configuration xmlns="">

Here is my question:
Am I using proper data type? for the zip & xml file attachments? and any inputs
on service implementation method which I need to look for.

Please let me know.

Thanks for your time.


<wsdl:definitions xmlns:wsdl=""
targetNamespace="" name="UpdateXMLService">
        <wsdl:message name="updateXMLRequest">
                <wsdl:part name="batchZipFile" type="xsd:hexBinary"/>
                <wsdl:part name="rulesXMLFile" type="xsd:hexBinary"/>
        <wsdl:message name="updateXMLResponse">
                <wsdl:part name="processedZipFile" element="xsd:hexBinary"/>
        <wsdl:portType name="UpdateXML">
                <wsdl:operation name="updateXML">
                        <wsdl:input message="tns:updateXMLRequest"/>
                        <wsdl:output message="tns:updateXMLResponse"/>
        <wsdl:binding name="UpdateXMLBinding" type="tns:UpdateXML">
                <soap:binding style="document"
                <wsdl:operation name="updateXML">
                                                <soap:body use="literal"/>
                                                <mime:content part="batchZipFile" type="multipart/x-zip"/>
                                                <mime:content part="rulesXMLFile" type="text/xml"/>
                                                <soap:body use="literal"/>
                                                <mime:content part="processedZipFile" type="multipart/x-zip"/>
        <wsdl:service name="UpdateXMLService">
                <wsdl:port name="UpdateXMLPort" binding="tns:UpdateXMLBinding">
                        <soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/UpdateXML"/>

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