JAXRPCServlet does not show (generate) valid WSDL

From: Martin Riivits <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 09:37:24 +0300


There seems to be a problem with JAXRPCServlet. When I request my services
WSDL file from
endpoint url with "?WSDL" parameter, I get wsdl which is not suitable for
any client generating tools
(even with wscompile in JAX-RPC!). I tried to validate it with JDeveleoper
and it fails, also
tried .NET and again no success. I have looked into this and seems to me
that problem is in
JAXRPCServlet. In my understanding, when accessing service endpoint with
"?WSDL" parameter,
JAXRPCServlet takes service description from WEB-INF\jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml
where path to wsdl is
defined (wsld="/WEB-INF/myservice.wsdl") and modifies it a bit, then
shows. For inctance it replaces
"REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL" with actual one for port aadress location, i
noticed. Now when I
compare wsdl in my WEB-INF directory with the one showed by JAXRPCServlet,
there are missing
some definitions also, like: "xmlns:xsd=""
Im wondering why Servlet wipes them out, is it a bug or a bad
Also I tried to validate the wsdl which is in WEB-INF directory and guess
what, it's valid.

Thanks for any comments on that