Re: Another possible JWSDP Tomcat bug

From: shaba dil <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 16:44:26 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Bobby,
>Is this the error in the browser window? Is there anything in the server
The error was 503.i just copied and pasted previousely.I am using a lib folder in this application.My example ran quite good.The only difference between this application and example was i am having a lib folder also in WEB-INF folder
WEB-INF folder contains,
jaxrpc-ri runtime.xml
i got 2 log files they are,access_log
-------------------------------- - - [13/Jul/2004:05:01:05 +0530] "GET /My-Sever/myserver HTTP/1.1" 503 1104
and localhost_log.2004-07-13,
2004-07-13 05:00:52 StandardContext[/balancer]org.apache.webapp.balancer.BalancerFilter: init(): ruleChain: [org.apache.webapp.balancer.RuleChain: [org.apache.webapp.balancer.rules.URLStringMatchRule: Target string: News / Redirect URL:], [org.apache.webapp.balancer.rules.RequestParameterRule: Target param name: paramName / Target param value: paramValue / Redirect URL:], [org.apache.webapp.balancer.rules.AcceptEverythingRule: Redirect URL:]]
2004-07-13 05:01:03 StandardContext[/jsp-examples]ContextListener: contextInitialized()
2004-07-13 05:01:03 StandardContext[/jsp-examples]SessionListener: contextInitialized()
2004-07-13 05:01:04 StandardContext[/servlets-examples]ContextListener: contextInitialized()
2004-07-13 05:01:04 StandardContext[/servlets-examples]SessionListener: contextInitialized()
2004-07-13 05:01:24 StandardContext[/jsp-examples]SessionListener: contextDestroyed()
2004-07-13 05:01:24 StandardContext[/jsp-examples]ContextListener: contextDestroyed()
2004-07-13 05:01:24 StandardContext[/servlets-examples]SessionListener: contextDestroyed()
2004-07-13 05:01:24 StandardContext[/servlets-examples]ContextListener: contextDestroyed()
I cant figure out what is happening.wscompile and wsdeploy done a decent job.
I need AXIS?.any limitation in JWSDP Tomcat?

Bobby Bissett <Robert.Bissett_at_Sun.COM> wrote:
> The error is,
> HTTP Status 503 - This application is not currently available

Is this the error in the browser window? Is there anything in the server


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