Re: Complex return values and a NullPointerException

From: Gabriel Bauman <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 12:11:27 -0700

Just as a follow-up, I found a forum thread in which someone is getting
nearly the same error. In their case, they are calling the service via
the call API from Java. The symptoms are the same - published methods
that return complex types fail, and methods returning simple types do
not. Their stack trace looks nearly identical to mine.

The thread is here:

I should note that I am generating my WSDL and model files from a Java
interface, and calling the resulting service using a soap client written
in PHP (sigh).

I've checked all the field types in my return value object and they are
all supported by JAX-RPC.

Gabriel Bauman <>
Bravenet Web Services Inc.
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