Re: Is a JAX-RPC static stub client J2EE implementation specific?

From: kathy walsh <Kathleen.Walsh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 08:32:04 -0400

Merten- is the correct forum for jaxrpc questions.
Please direct questions in the future to this list. See below for response.

Merten Schumann wrote:

><asked at first, but got now answer yet>
>just tried Sun's J2EE JAX-RPC HelloService sample with Sun's J2EE 1.4
>reference implementation and have created a static stub client.
>The code created by wscompile, is it specific to Sun's J2EE
>I think so, since the generated sources contain things like
> import com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.literal.DetailFragmentDeserializer;
>and all. So I guess I couldn't use it in a WebSphere or JBoss (client
>side) environment, could I?
The Jaxrpc 1.1 specification does not mandate that generated artifacts
by any jaxrpc implementation
to be portable, so you are correct, Jaxrpc serializers in J2EE 1.4 are
not portable. This may also
be true for serializers generated by any other JAXRPC implementation.

>Another issue: I extended the sample to throw a custom exception
>(created an exception class for this). When I do use a Dynamic Proxy
>client, not my exception gets thrown in the cient (although I have the
>class in the classpath), but a SOAPFaultException. In the static stub
>client my exception appears as expected. So, in a Dynamic Proxy client,
>do I have to search the SOAPFaultException for my exception on my own?
An application using a dynamic proxy client needs to be prepared for
either of the following exceptions:
-Service Specific Exception

So you would need to expect to see either of these when invoking a
dynamic proxy client method.

>If so, could anybody lead me how to evaluate a SOAPFaultException?
>Even with J2EE 1.4 I get the feeling that exception handling for custom
>exceptions is still a nightmare in web services, or? :-)
>Thanx alot
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