Serialization Problem of UserDefined Type in JAX-RPC

From: Narinder Kumar <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 13:50:00 +0200
Hi All,

Important environment details :

Win 2000
JDK 1.4.2

I am trying to implement a method in the WebService which should return an Array of  Custom-Defined type. The method signatures are :

public interface PeemsIF extends Remote {
    public Application[] getAllApplications () throws RemoteException;

Application is a normal java class not implementing the JavaBeans Design pattern but respects all the constraints specified in JAX-RPC Specification Sec 5.4 for a custom type to be JAX-RPC value type like it does not have any public field, implements interface and has a default public Constructor :

public class Application implements Serializable {

    private String name;
    private String log4jConfigFile;
    private String appliConfigFile;
    private Logger logger;
    private static Logger peemsLogger;
    private HashMap allRegisteredEvents;

    public Application() {
    Application(String name, String log4jConfigFile, String appliConfigFile) {


    When I try to compile and package all this in a WebService wscompile gives the following error :

     [echo] Running wscompile:
     [echo]   D:\jwsdp-1.3\apache-ant\../jaxrpc/bin/wscompile.bat -define -d build -nd build
        -classpath build config-interface.xml        -model build/model.gz
     [exec] error: invalid type for JAX-RPC structure: peemsproto.Application
     [exec] Result: 1

    peemsproto is the package  for Application class. What am I missing ?

I tried to change the method signature of Web Service for Application[] to more generic Object[] array. Now the compilation and deployment of the web service passes peacefully. But when the client tries to access this method, it gets the following exception :

JAXRPC.TIE.04: Internal Server Error (serialization error: no serializer is registered for (class peemsproto.Application, null))

Why are the errors different in both the cases ? What does "no serializer is registered" mean ? i.e. is there a way we can register our own custom defined types?

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