Looking for a cook book: Howto configure the config files

From: Karl Brandt _at_ PDTec <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:38:55 +0200

Newbie question:

I have had tough times to get into jwsdp. Because I was given just a WSDL
file and I'm still working to get that beast implemented on Client and
Server side.

I had severe problems to get the entries in config.xml (server) ,
jaxrpc-ri.xml, config.xml(client) and *.wsdl file
(<service><port><soap:address location="xyz">) right to get the first
communication between client and server going.
In this case that means a simple "Hello" took me about a week to get it
going. (You may lough about that).

Just to explain why I did not had the freedom to start from scratch: The
wsdl-file given is or going to be part of an OMG-standard and I had to
swollow it as it is, more or less.

Now to my question:
Is there any simple( but extensive :-) ) guide, maybe a matrix, where with a
*.wsdl as starting point and the name spaces defined there in, someone can
deduct what the config files must contain, to avoid 404-errors ?

Any such kind of information is highly welcome.

P.S. I know about and used:
O'reilly; Java Web Services in a nutshell

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