TypeMappinRegistry and <additionalTypes>

From: Karl Brandt _at_ PDTec <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:38:21 +0200

The last two days I stumble across an error of type "no serializer is
registered for ..." on the client. After some time I found in O'Reilly
"Java Webservices in a Nutshell" that I could add serializers to the client
side by adding in the config.xml file
(page 341).

But it didn't really help.
Finally in the same book I came across page 435, where it say that this
elemnt is only working with <service> element, but not with <wsdl>. Which is
what I must rely on in my case!

My Questions are:

Is this "restriction" described correctly? or in case it is not true I did
something wrong so that I didn't get it to work???

In case the "restriction" is true? what is the recommended way to solve such

With regards

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