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From: Norberto Carnelli <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 13:53:36 +0100

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Hi all,
im working on a project about semantic web services for my university:
the semantic description of the service will point to services/methods
present in WSDL files, so i cant create a stub while coding but i should
defer the invocation to runtime. I've read on jax-rpc whitepapers (about
dynamic scenarios n3 and n4) that this tecnique should be used
only with primitive schema types. Unfortunately im going to do this
project with webservices (taken from that are developed
with .NET, so they all use complex types.
Is there any way to do this kind of thing ? I've tried Apache WSIF
but it has the same limitation (only primitive types).
I suppose it should be possible to do this kind of things, i've
seen StrikeIron Web Services Analyzer ( and
it can be used to (down)load a WSDL file, choose the desidered
method, fill the params (in graphical way)and then invoke the
remote service. I've tried it with one of those .NET wsdl file
and it seems to work correctly

A WSDL Sample is this

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,
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