Rpc/literal and validation

From: Rob Kool <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 10:53:56 -0800

On 3/22/04 10:36 AM, "Dennis Sosnoski" <> wrote:

> I don't know of any place where WS-I BP requires support for
> rpc/literal, only that it allows it. It seems clear that this form is
> likely to die out quickly, since it has major disadvantages as opposed
> to doc/literal (particularly that it can't be validated) and no
> substantial advantages.
> - Dennis

What do people mean when they say that rpc/literal can't be validated?
Surely, the parameters of a web service method are defined using XML schema.
RPC/literal style puts a wrapper over these parameters to do dispatching to
the right method. Once in application code you get back the parameters. The
validation of schema can be done by the runtime or the application. Am I
missing something?


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