Re: Attachments

From: RaviKiran <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 10:11:33 +0530

Hi !!,

I presume that when you meant message body -you meant SOAP message body
and not HTTP message body.Based on this assumption,I think the
difference exists in the creation of Java Objects from the binary data
and the creation of dom structures with large binary data in the
nodes.As far as speed is concerned,atleast the transmission time doesn't
seem to differ much between the two schemes.Attachments were meant to
serve binary/non-xml data.
Yes attachments can be compressed ,but you might need to write code on
your own.(using some java api etc) to compress /decompress data.


Purbhoo, Hansika wrote:

>I know that its recommended that should one want to pass large documents
>around , to send this as an attachment rather than in the message body.
>Does anybody know why its better to do so ?....
>What are the speed implications? Can attachments be compressed further ?
>Any responses would be much appreciated.
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