Re: JAX-RPC and Apache Axis

From: Shawn Evans <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:38:32 -0500


   If you are looking for a light weight Java XML-RPC server/ client
library take a look at Apache XML-RPC ( ). It is 106K, and can be made
smaller if you strip it down. On the server side, you can either embed
the XML-RPC library into an existing server framework, or use the
built-in special purpose HTTP server. I have used it before and have
found it quite easy to use.

   I have used it with java applications, applets (nice and light),
servlets... even have a few php pages that call the server we have
running (both with tomcat and a stand-alone server we use with the built
in HTTP server). There is still a little overhead with the weight of
the XML and the parsing of the messages, but sure beats loading an
Oracle JDBC driver.

Shawn Evans


Mete Kural wrote:

>Hello Doug,
>Is there any update on when Sun will provide a version of JAX-RPC libraries that is practical for use in in Java applets? The size of the current libraries is more than 1MB which is too large for applets. Someone from Sun earlier mentioned on this email list that Sun is currently working on this issue.

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