Re: Documentation for Wscompile task under Ant

From: Vivek Pandey <Vivek.Pandey_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 06:58:41 -0800

Currently there is no formal document on wscompile ant task. There
should be one shortly on

Here is the summary of wscompile ant task:

        fork= true|false
        debug= true|false
        client=true|false | server=true|false

fork - forks the wscompile process in another jvm
debug - generate debugging info (-g on command line)
keep - keep generated files ( -keep on command line)

client - generate client artifacts (stubs, etc.) (-gen:client on
command line)
server - generate server artifacts (ties, etc.) (-gen:server on command

base - specify where to place generated output files (-d on command line)
source - generate code for the specified JAXRPC SI version. (-source
version on
         command line). supported versions are: 1.0.1, 1.0.3 and 1.1
features - comma seperated list of features, such as
      datahandleronly always map attachments to the
DataHandler type
      documentliteral use document literal encoding
      rpcliteral use rpc literal encoding
      explicitcontext turn on explicit service context mapping
      infix:<name> specify an infix to use for generated ties
                                and serializers
      infix=<name> same as infix:<name> (not on Windows)
      jaxbenumtype map anonymous enumeration to its base type.
      nodatabinding turn off data binding for literal encoding
      noencodedtypes turn off encoding type information
      nomultirefs turn off support for multiple references
      norpcstructures do not generate RPC structures (-import
      novalidation turn off full validation of imported WSDL
      resolveidref resolve xsd:IDREF
      searchschema search schema aggressively for subtypes
      serializeinterfaces turn on direct serialization of
interface types
      strict generate code strictly compliant with
                                1.1 specification
      useonewayoperations allow generation of one-way operations
      wsi enable WSI-Basic Profile features (for
                                document/literal and rpc/literal)
      unwrap enable unWrapping of document/literal
                                wrapper elements in wsi mode
      donotoverride donot regenerate the classes
      donotunwrap disable unWrapping of document/literal
                                wrapper elements in wsi mode (Default)

xPrintStackTrace - print exception stack traces (-Xprintstacktrace on
comm line)
xSerializable - generate value types that implement Serializable interface
                        (-Xserializable on command line)
config - configuration file


Tony Jeffery wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to find some documentation for the wscompile task in Ant.
> Does anyone know of any?
> regards,
> Tony J
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