Question Regarding Doc Literal Arrays

From: RaviKiran <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:24:18 +0530

The WSDL Modeler in jwsdp1.2 does not model a xml type with
minoccurs=0 and maxoccurs=unbounded as an java Array.It models it as
java array only if minOccurs=1 in the xml type.
However the WSDL generated by the wscompile of the same jwsdp1.2 would
create a xml type with minOccurs=0 and maxOccurs =unbounded for a java
array .Is this a incompatibility issues? Does some one have come acroos
this problem and have a workaround for this issue?
The value of "0" as the size of an array is valid value (in Java
atleast),so I believe that an xml type of minOcccurs=0
,maxoccurs=unbounded should be modeled as an array.


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