Re: JAXRPC calling EJB in J2EE 1.3 context.

From: Anirban Chatterjee <anirban_417_at_YAHOO.COM>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 10:49:11 -0700

Hi Giuseppe,
  did you post your question to the oracle webservices forum :
  please do the same if you havent already .

  If you are looking for JAXRPC + JSR109 functionality , do take a look at their 10g offering

giuseppe sarno <giusarno_at_HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
Also posted on Sun Forum.


I'm working with OC4J and the way Oracle guys
expose an EJB as web service is to use "Special"
servlets (pretty much like JAXRPC but the have a different servlet if using
an EJB or a normal Java Class).
The thing confusin for me is that in the Oracle
Implementation (in case of EJB) they don't provide an Implementation class
but only the interface one.
The details of the EJB are in the web.xml to specify which EJB
to call and no look up has to be done by the designer.

----> Special Servlet for SSB ---> EJB.

Now I know JAX RPC uses the JAXRPCServlet special servlet,
but all the examples I've got provide with both the interface and the
implementation class within which a call to the appropriate EJB is made.

The Question is: does JAXRPC provide a direct way to call EJBs like the
oracle implmentation ?

Or the paradigm to expose EJBs (with Jaxrpc in j2ee 1.3) is to expose them
through the implementation classes in all the cases ?

---> JAXRPCServlet ----> Implementation Class ---lookup--->EJB



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