Re: Non java client over the wsdl generated by wscompile

From: Katz Guy <Guy_Katz_at_ICOMVERSE.COM>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 10:53:14 +0300

How can I do that?
The wsdl is inside the ejb jar file.

I donít understand, how do the JAX-RPC clients communicate with the service?
There must be a URL to go to.
One of the properties in the build file of the tutorial is the
endpoint.address which is set to 'http://localhost:1024/hello-ejb/hello' so
I guess this is the URL but what is the purpose if the <soap:address>
location=. Then?


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If you retrieve the WSDL from a J2EE server via a browser request,
then the server should automatically replace that invalid URL with
the real endpoint address.

Katz Guy wrote:
> Hi;
> I am using the j2ee 1.4 beta2 examples and trying to figure out the EJB
> endpoints.
> Looking at the wsdl generated from the hello service I see the folowing
> "<soap:address
> location="REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL"/></port></service></definitions>"
> I figure I have to replace the URL cause I want to give the WSDL to a
> non java program. What will a URL of a web service look like?
> An example would be appreciated. An example of what to put here for the
> J2EE tutorial example of the EJB endpoint would be great!.
> A reference for other resources would be great also
> Thanks.
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