Re: wscompile - WSDL to Java interface mapping questions

From: Vivek Pandey <Vivek.Pandey_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 23:37:51 -0700

JAXRPC maps a XML schema type to the java class. If it can't map then it
maps it to SOAPELement.

It will be good to see the schema with oms:SalesOrder. Anyway, it looks
like oms:SalesOrder has some XML schema types for which jaxrpc doesnt
provide mapping and so it maps it to the SOAPElement.

BTY, with JAXRPC 1.1 EA, released as part of JWSDP1.2 the XML schema
support is enhanced from previous versions. If you're not using jaxrpc
1.1 then may like to give it a try.


Mark D. Hansen wrote:
> Why does wscompile create JAXB-like bindings for some parts in a WSDL message but not others? For example:
> <wsdl:message name="order">
> <wsdl:part name="body" element="oms:SalesOrder"/>
> <wsdl:part name="messagetypeHeader" element="xyz:typeofmessage"/>
> </wsdl:message>
> When I generate a server interface (Service Endpoint Interface) from WSDL with the above message definition, the result is a java binding to a generated class mapping to the schema xyz:typeofmessage. However, the oms:SalesOrder schema gets bound to a generic SOAPElement class.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Mark