FW: Plugging JAXB into JAXRPC via the Extensible Type Mapping / Serialization Framework ?

From: Mark D. Hansen <khookguy_at_YAHOO.COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 06:36:14 -0400


OK - thanks for your help. I was trying to use rpc/enc because I discovered (in an earlier thread) that the current RI doesn't support dynamic proxy for oneway doc/lit.

I'm trying to use JAX-RPC as a platform to develop a simple messaging framework. JAXM would actually be better suited to my purposes, but I can't use JAXM because I need to use official J2EE technology. I think that I'm going to have to give up on trying to do this with the current RI because of the lack of dynamic proxy client support for oneway doc/lit.

Maybe I should try using a different JAX-RPC implementation and come back to the RI at the next release? Any suggestions are welcome.

-- Mark


That is exactly why. JAXB doesn't do rpc/encoded anyway. So given that,
do you need anything else.

Mark D. Hansen wrote:
> perhaps it is because I'm using it on a style="rpc" and not a style="document" WSDL soap:binding ??