From: Brian Hannan <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:11:41 -0700

I am new to JAX-RPC so please excuse this question if it's dumb.

Is there anyway to tell wscompile and JAX-RPC to use predefined
marshalling and unmarshalling XML classes? In other works, can JAX-RPC
use my generated Java classes from JAXB?

What I want to do is define my service in WSDL and XML schema. I
already have the schema for complex types I'm going to pass in JAX-RPC
method calls; I've used JAXB to generate Java classes from those XML
schemas. It would be nice if I could tell wscompile this so it will
use my classes when generating Java stubs and ties. Can I do this? If
not possible now, please tell me this is a 1.1 feature, seeing as it
would be a shame if portions of Java's XML solutions were inoperable
with other portions.

Thanks for the help.

Brian Hannan
Chief Admiral of Uncle Jam's Navy
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