Re: jaxm - rpc style...what for

From: Sang SHin <>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 10:43:15 -0500

Pedro Salazar wrote:
> Anne, thanks for your clarification.
> I thought JAXM was like a similar JMS service of messaging but in this
> case, through SOAP messages, and like that, I thought it was a
> specification requirement the reliability of delivering. But as you said
> it isn't.
> -- PS

Actually it depends on which profile the JAXM provider
is designed to support. And the profile (actually the
specification the profile implements) should specify
the requirements of various system level semantics such
as reliability and security. And JAXM provides a framework
in which various profiles can be plugged in. For example,
an ebXML Message Service profile should support various
reliability semantics including once and only once


> On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 16:07, Anne Thomas Manes wrote:
>>A JAXM provider doesn't necessarily provide guaranteed message delivery.
>>It's up to the provider to determine which services it provides. (it is
>>required to support one-way asynchronous messaging, but that's not the same
>>thing as guaranteed message delivery)
>>And likewise, a JAX-RPC implementation can provide guaranteed message
>>delivery. Many JAX-RPC implementations support reliable message transports
>>(e.g., JMS). Meanwhile, OASIS WS-RM is defining standard SOAP extensions for
>>reliable messaging [1]. And BEA, IBM, Microsoft, and Tibco have also
>>published a set of SOAP extensions to support asynchronous messaging [2] and
>>message reliability [3]. Both of these specifications can work with JAX-RPC.
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>>>Besides the WSDL schema, I think JAXM is more suitable (and powerful) in
>>>respect to the delivering of messages. In contrary of JAXRPC, a JAXM
>>>implementation provider guarantees the deliver of an SOAP message like
>>>JMS do, even the client is off-line.
>>>On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 16:14, Anne Thomas Manes wrote:
>>>>Perhaps you don't have a WSDL description of the service.
>>>>You can't use JAX-RPC is you don't have a WSDL file.
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>>>>>Subject: jaxm - rpc style...what for
>>>>>I just read that you can use JAXM to do SOAP-RPC
>>>>>using the SOAPConnection class. As far as I understand,
>>>>>with this approach you got to manage the whole
>>>>>serialization/deserialization of the soap messages
>>>>>by your own. So I just wonder why anybody should use
>>>>>SOAP-MESSAGING to fulfill a remote method call.
>>>>>Does anybody know a good example to justify such an
>>>>>approach and not to use JAX-RPC?
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