How to create Serializer/Deserializer

From: Suresh Y <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 22:31:34 -0700

I am using an ArrayList to map a ComplexType. So elements of ComplexType map to elements of the ArrayList.

1. Do I have to write a serializer/deserializer that will marshall/unmarshall the data to/from the ArrayList?

2. Where do I start for this? I am looking at the source code of JAXRPC-RI. Are there any interfaces to implement or classes to extend or existing classes to use for doing this?

3. After I create these serializers or deserializers, I register these for the corresponding ComplexTypes using the CombiedSerializer. In doing this, I assume that I mention the QName of the ComplexType irrespective of the Serializer/Deserializer class that provides? Am I right?

Thanks in advance